Monday a la Mode: J’adore BHV!

A short post today to share a bit ‘o love for BHV, the central Paris department store located next to Hotel de Ville. When we lived in Paris the first time (eleven years ago), our apartment was just up the street on rue Beaubourg. That meant lots of trips to BHV for things like kitchen supplies, a shopping caddy or small appliances. 

Boy, did we dread those visits. Back then, BHV was a nightmare. Finding someone to help you was tantamount to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and departing with both your sought item and your sanity was seemingly impossible.

Writer Adam Gopnik even joked about his own BHV shopping experiences in his memoir, Paris to the Moon. (We had similar takes on the place). 
What a difference a decade makes! In the years we were away, BHV found its groove and now happily (and even somewhat efficiently) sells everything from beautiful home accessories and clothing to perfume and latex paint. Whether you’re looking for a fab outfit (they carry Maje, Sandro, Kookai and many more) or a hand-sander to refinish a table, BHV has got it. They also have an incredible department devoted to art supplies and crafts. Well worth a visit. 
Check out these gorgeous home scent diffusers and faux calla lilies. 
And funky lighting!
 A seamstress’s dream.
The famed sous-sol (basement) is also a treasure trove of goods for home repair and maintenance and also stocks lots of goodies for the DIY-minded. Check out this dyed leather and these fun decorative letters. Someone could get very creative with these. Enjoy!

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