Monday à la Mode: Vintage Inspired

Everything old is new again, or so it would seem in many of the styles I’m seeing around Paris. It’s not that more women are actually wearing vintage — they’re wearing new items with a distinctly vintage-y look and feel (without the unpleasant odor and bad fabric.)

Vanessa Bruno, one of my favorite Parisian designers who I wrote about last week, nails the look best with floaty, feminine tops (that are never too cutesy) and 70ish slouchy shoulder bags worn across the body. Add some fringe for extra style points.

Photo By Alice Pfeiffer

Here’s Bruno’s 14-year-old daughter (yes, 14), Lune, in what she describes as a “vintage” Vanessa Bruno top and bag. Of course, she’s 14 so “vintage” to her is probably 2008. Anyway, the vest (or as they call it here, sleeveless jacket) looks pretty vintage too, no?

We all know that when it comes to fashion, if you hang around long enough, everything comes full circle. I had that thought in a shop recently when I found myself considering buying a denim shirt. A denim shirt!? I couldn’t help but wonder how many denim shirts I’ve owned over the years. But here they are again, even being worn with jeans. (Too much of a good thing is sometimes not good at all).

But, they do look pretty great paired with white jeans (a personal favorite any time of year but especially now) and worn-in leather accessories. Like this.

Photo By Frankies on the Park

Okay, so she’s in New York but this looks fab (and very Parisian, if you skip the preppy belt.) P.S. Rolling back your sleeves is a definite Parisian style thing.

For more tips on how to dress like a Parisienne, check out Ines de la Fressange’s book, the unambiguously named Parisian Chic, out last year. The former Chanel model-turned-muse is widely regarded as the French style guru and the book contains all her not-so-secret-anymore “style secrets,” like shopping in kids’ stores and wearing a leather jacket over a sundress.

Next week on Monday a la Mode, I’ll share two amazing boutiques I found recently while touring the city by bike. One in the Marais, one in St. Germain des Pres. A bientot!

I also blog over at HipParis. Here are a couple recent posts you might enjoy. (And if you’re looking for a fabulous vacation rental for your next visit to Paris or London, their places are gorgeous!)

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4 thoughts on “Monday à la Mode: Vintage Inspired

  1. Just 14! WOW
    Can't wait to hear about your secret places next week!!
    I bought a copy of Ines' book hot off the presses in Paris..not that I could read it so well but it just eminated that something or other she has dans ca peau.
    Love the book and her look..

  2. Salut “ParisBreakfasts” and welcome! Yes, Ines de la fressange defintely epitomizes a certain “Left Bank” Parisian chic (although she was raised in Toulouse, I believe). Thanks for your comment and do stay tuned for some fab Parisian shopping spots. Bonne journee!

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