It’s a Yellow Spring in Paris

When spring arrives in Paris, it happens all at once. Yesterday, it happened bringing with it a tide of yellow. Everywhere I looked, I spotted things cheerful, bright and spring-y. A welcome change after the misty grays of winter.

Here are a few pics I snapped around town to show you what I mean.

A sweet cafe on the rue du Cherche Midi

Wine on display at La Grande Epicerie de Paris

Yellow is big in spring fashion it would seem, turning up on everything from hats to bags, shoes and jackets. It’s also appearing in chic Parisian living rooms on accent pillows and in terrace flower boxes. (This weekend, Parisians will make their annual trek to the flower markets to fill up on blooms for the warmer season).

Jackets jaunes for spring

A display of hats at Le Bon Marche

Changes in the weather have a dramatic effect on Parisians who can be almost cheery when the sun shines. Spring means the chance to do all the things they love best: bask in the sun at outdoor cafes, dine and picnic en plein air and indulge in their favorite activity of all — flirting.

Shedding winter layers (although not their scarves) and donning sunglasses and lighter clothes are an invitation to amour around here. Even the kids are acting a little risque, stealing kisses and rolling happily in the grass.

As for me, I’m ready to tuck the wool coats and boots into the back of the closet and feel a little sunshine on my skin (SPF 30+, of course).

So, for now, I’ll leave it at that. I light, little post for a sunny day when I really should be sitting outside at a cafe. Check back soon for my list of favorite Paris spots to dine, shop, and take the kids when you come visit. Just in time for your next trip to Paris.

Pastries at my favorite neighborhood boulangerie, Jocteur

The perfect bike for a sunny day! A bientot.


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